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“I’m in Love with Easy Video Suite…”

Marcus Cafe

Hi! My name is Marcus Robb – I’m a professional TV Producer / Video Editor with 17 years experience, now specializing in Internet Video Marketing and I’m simply amazed – and in love – Never before has a One single Video Tool done so much, so powerfully and so easily.

Why Easy Video Suite Blows me away and how it will change your Video Marketing Forever.

Hi, thanks for stopping by – this site is all about my new favorite Video Tool, and how you can get the most out of it.
Please allow me to quickly introduce myself,  just so you understand and trust that I really know what I’m talking about,
- and then I’ll tell you why there’s a very good chance you’ll also fall in love with this Video Marketing Tool.

beckham at FIFA shoot My name’s Marcus and I’m an Aussie – I’m also an Award winning Professional Television Producer and Video Editor with nearly 20 years experience  who’s worked for MTV, National Geographic, and Fox Sports just to name a few, I’ve directed and then edited shoots with Celebrities like Eddie Izzard, Rick Mayall and David Beckham.

I’m not saying this to impress you – I’m saying this to impress upon you that when it comes to this Video Production thang I really know my stuff.

For the last few years – I’ve been doing most of my work on the internet – doing Content Marketing, SEO and Video Marketing for Companies that want to build their business, their brand and make more Sales on the web.

I’ve put hundreds of hours into learning and mastering all the Big, Industry Leading, Video Production Tools – Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro.
I can operate all the Video Screen capture tools like Camtasia and Screenflow in my sleep.
And I’ve spent countless (frustrating) hours converting and reconverting Video codecs and formats with tools like: Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze,
M-peg Stream Clip and Handbrake:

“And I wish with all my heart that Easy Video Suite was in my life 10 years ago.”

And here’s why:

Imagine for a minute, that you had the ability to quickly record, convert, publish, and track video online in just a few minutes, all with one tool?

Do you think you would save tons of your time and be able to make more money?

I think we both agree that nothing comes close to Video when it comes to communicating your message, creating a connection with your viewers and getting them to take a specific action.

In fact, just last year an internet marketing study identified that;

“Consumers who viewed a video were 174 % more likely to buy a product than consumers who did not.”

screaming at computer However making use of video can be really difficult to understand and time consuming to accomplish all of this.

Specifically for non video editors.

Consider the baffling mass of video programs, you’ve probably very carefully connected together with the ambition that you ‘d end up with a fantastic looking on-line video that will bring sales to your business..

Have you been investing major amounts of precious time, trying to understand them all, watching the hours tick by while you struggle with steps in the production process that should be quick and effortless?
Have you wound up tugging your hair out and in the end missed a bunch of sales from your perspective customer?

When it comes down to it, making use of video consists of hours of down right hard work.

And lets’ face it – you make sales when your video is online and playing for the most amount of people possible.

So if you don’t have a video on your website that is properly readied for internet and smartphone use, your losing profits with every visitor.

Are you using video effectively in your business to capitalize on the potential of video online?

If you’re using video, my guess is you have most probably stressed over;

  • Understanding your video editing program.
  • Crossing your fingers in hopes that you’ll convert videos properly.
  • Tackling code to embed the video player on your website.
  • Setting up video hosting.
  • Making sense of your analytics software.
  • Running split testing software.
  • Assembling email capture forms.
  • Making buy buttons.
  • Designing your video sales letter.

All this takes tons of your time and is ideally suited for very technical people, leaving almost all of us bewildered.
At the very least it’s downright complicated and never a good solution for clever people who have to get things done fast.

record, convert, upload and publish

However – Imagine you can:

  • Record almost instantly.
Convert easily.
  • Upload with a single click.
  • Produce viral webpages to create traffic.
  • All done in a few minutes.

This is where Easy Video Suite really leaves all other solutions behind.

It’s created by Video Marketers for Video Marketers to Record, Convert, Publish and track every aspect of your videos online.
All without the perplexing hard work.

Easy Video suite is as effortless as dragging and dropping videos to upload and convert them over the internet instantly, even building your video player and Web pages takes seconds – really!  (Look I know this sound like hype – but hand on my heart this is true!)

And because everything is drag and drop simple, not only does this save you time, you can also easily build in powerful marketing features that will make you more money.

Amazon s3 compatibility

This program is designed to effortlessly integrate into your amazon S3 account, which is the best way to host your videos, it costs dimes and provides the finest industry leading performance, and most importantly makes certain that you keep control of your content so you don’t gamble with it it being lost or have your videos go down. It is what is used by all the top marketing professionals.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand-new to Internet Video or you are a seasoned veteran,
you will be able to immediately broaden your video marketing effectiveness and save hours.

(If you wished for the perfect Video marketing tool it may look a little something like this …)

screen capture check

  • A desktop application that allows you to record your screen, edit your video and speedily convert them – all to perfect on-line and mobile phone ready format.
  • Automatically creates various versions of the video so it can play on all varieties of devices 100% of the time.
online command centre
  • An online command centre that syncs with the desktop app.
  • The ability to take care of all your files with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Works perfectly with Amazon S3.

Simple Video Player Customizations you can build in.

Video Player customoizations

  • Marketing features.
  • Social media buttons.
  • Password protection.
  • Playlists.
  • Animations.
  • Downloadable videos.
  • A wide range of video players.
  • Different player frames.
  • Animated player entrances,.
  • Customizeable time line events.
  • On page event triggers.

A drag and drop video page creator.

Video page creator
It lets you produce pages for your videos, it makes it simple for you to create;

  • Buy buttons,
  • Video Comments.
  • Viral Social Sharing.
  • Email Optins ontop of the Video!
  • SEO and Video site maps and more.

A Birds Eye View of  your most important statistics.

Video Anlytics Dashbord
  • A dashboard page that presents an overview of your video’ most important statistics, so you are always abreast with insights on how your videos and your online video marketing is performing.

Making you a smarter, better marketer with every viewer!

live statistics engine check
Easy Video Suite also has the most powerful LIVE statistics engine for Video available, showing your up to the minute stats, plus viewer engagement, social media sharing and split test results.
It even advises you on exactly what you need to hone in on and where your weak points are in your video marketing, so that you can improve and increase profits.

Now you can ensure that your videos are performing the best they possibly can, capturing your viewers, growing your emailing list quicker and making you more money.
Up until now. in order to get a small amount of the power of this video marketing system, you would have to use lots of different tools, that were largely not meant to work together, and would often mean sitting bleary eyed at 2am struggling to get them to all work.

Get the job done from Complete Newbie to Marketing Master.

no manual installation required
You can get rolling in under a minute.
There is absolutely no manual installation required, and their detailed instructions had me up and running almost immediately.

Josh Bartlet and his team have an incredible reputation, they provide industry leading support and somehow, for what every reason – if you don’t agree with me that this isn’t the best and most comprehensive video marketing software that there is, they have a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

To find out more, Click Here to go to the Easy Video Suite Website or play the video at the top of the page.